Exploring Melanoma

Melanoma continues to be the most serious form of skin cancer.  This year, in the United States, more than 53,600 people will learn from a melanoma specialist NYC that they have melanoma.  Although typically a majority of individuals diagnosed with melanoma are white men over the age of 50, melanoma is now the second most-common cancer found in women in their 20’s. In a society where a tan is seen as attractive, chic, and healthy, how do we protect ourselves, and our communities from this disease that is preventable but rapidly on the rise?  This is only one of the issues we face as we look at the behaviors of our current culture and their effects on our skins’ health.  Our challenge is global in scale.

Early detection is extremely important to those who are diagnosed.  An early diagnosis could mean a five-year survival rate as high as 98% and a cure rate as high as 90%. These rates decrease rapidly as the melanoma progresses and invades more deeply into the skin. National Cancer Institute estimates that there will be over 60,000 new cases of melanoma and that over 8,000 cases will result in death.

The majority of those diagnosed with melanoma are Caucasian males over age 50, so it’s important that they go get the help that they need. An AAD study demonstrated that a large number of U.S. adults, 42%, were unaware of melanoma, which can be a big problem for treating it and making sure that people survive as well.  The levels of awareness were lowest among those in 18-24 age group. Findings from this survey were used to assist the CDC and AAD to develop programs for the National Skin Cancer Prevention Education Program, which is continuing to grow and expand as time goes on.

Home Health Care Solutions

It is really important for people to consider all their options when it comes to healthcare. Yes, we can understand why you may not be in a position where you want to get yourself home health care. But sometimes, home health care Okemos is the best option for you. Why? Because you are no longer in a positon where you can live your life comfortably without needing some type of assistance. And yes, you may have a family member to help you sometimes, but they cannot be around you 24 hours a day. What you need is dedicated help.

And in many ways, home health care is a much better solution than some of the other ideas that are out there. For instance, you are not going to want to go live in a nursing or elderly home. Even if you are living at home alone or with your spouse, you are going to feel so much more comfortable being in your own surroundings. Your family and friends can visit you, and you are living in a spot where you have lived all your life. And with home health care, you can still get the attention that you need. It is a win-win.

So make sure you are taking a look at what is going on with respect to the home health care services that you can get. See the providers that are in your area, find out what prices they are charging and see what services they offer. You may also want to talk with some people who have received their services in the past, as you can get an idea about their customer service and how helpful they are if you ever have any issues with the person who was assigned to you. And then you can start the process of having an individual health care worker selected as your aide.